Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm not dead!
I went to A-Kon and had TONS of fun! Met lots of amazing people including my cosplaying idols!
I even had fans myself! WHICH TOTALLY TRIPPED ME OUT!
I didn't think I was that good, but I guess I was better than I thought.

I cut my bangs! Now I've got straight bangs that hide my eyebrows~ ;D
The only problem is, I know I don't own this hair style, but it kinda pisses me off when I do something and two or more other people start doing the same.
My friend did her's like mine along with her sister after I did mine. D:
Stuff like this always happens with me, I know I should be used to it, but I'm not.
When I started wearing eyelashes, that same person along with another started doing the same.
I started wearing circle lens they did the same.
I dressed differently and the other tried doing the same.
I fixed my old hairstyle a certain way and another did the same.
I decorated my phone and people did the same.
I painted a Hello Kitty design on my nails and others tried too.
I did my makeup a certain way and so did they.
I get lighter hair and now they want the same too.
Get what I'm saying? It happens A LOT.

I'm no longer going to be posting on Blogger, I've been on tumblr now which is why I haven't been posting.
My new blog on tumblr is HERE.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Summer time! You wouldn't believe how happy I am! No more work for a while!

BUT! A-Kon is just six days away! SO EXCITED! (*___*)
I've got to get to finishing my cosplay outfit! FAST! All week I'll be working on it, so I'll try posting when I can. Maybe some progress photos?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Still not dead!

Not dead yet! I've already started on my exams so that took time away again. I've gotten almost every project done. I got a 90 on my art portfolio! That surprised me so much! I would've gotten a higher grade if I had my sketchbook with me though! ):
Besides school stuff I've noticed how I'm kinda looking at a different style again... I still everything hime but you know me, always switching. Though I never did have a specific style, hence the title of my blog, Metamorphosis! Today I went to church with my mom, her boyfriend and his parents, but seeing how that'd be a bit awkward I brought my friend Desire with me.
After we went to KoMart! I was so excited I gave myself a headache. LOL
There were so many Asians! They were all speaking Korean, which seemed only natural since the plaza had nothing but Korean stores all around it, inlcuding KoMart.
Sadly, all we bought were sweets.. Japanese sweets. Didn't entirely make sense to Desire and me, but whatever.
Until next time!